Pork Misozuke-yaki (Grilled Miso Pork)



It’s not as appealing as its name due to my poor camera skills but I promise you this marinade is amazing especially if you love Japanese and Korean barbeque. It’s so easy even beginners can do it. Its great with lettuce wraps, salad or plain rice.

You can use any boneless pork cut… Pork chop is a great cut for this especially if you plan to grill it. I used pork cut used in stews coz it’s the only pork cut available at home and just cut it into small pieces.

I also used frying pan to cook the meat so technically it’s fried but I fried it to the point that the pork got slightly charred. It made the dishes harder to clean though. So anyways here’s the marinade:

1 instant miso paste packet ( I used one sold from Daiso)

1 tsp of Honey

3 cloves of crushed garlic

All you need to do is mix it well with the pork for 30 minutes and cook!

It works well with chicken too!


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