Instant ramen has been the staple food for lazy single people or college students looking for a fast cheap meal. There are lots of flavors to choose from ..well at in Asia. Oh how I love Korean Ramyun  with kimchi! You should try it it’s awesome.


Anyways, that magic noodle can also lose magic either because its already cold or you eat same old flavor of ramen like chicken, beef or seafood.


I’ve noticed since I lived here in US , flavors are limited to classic beef and chicken flavors. I mean unless you find a good Asian shop that actually sell imported Asian noodles which is hard to find in most areas. Seriously, I live in a small city and there is only one small Asian store. The bad thing besides the availability its also a bit expensive. I won’t spend $ 4 dollars one instant noodle pack that I’ll cook myself at home and finish in just 10 minutes. It’s like you bought an entire combo meal at Wendy’s. If you wanna spend it though, go on ahead.

But you know what there is still hope spice up you noodle love


and that is to improvise and no I’m not saying you turn your ramen into Buzzfeed dishes (I love watching Buzzfeed tho). Add some love to your soup by adding some veggies, some spices, sauces. We had Beef Top ramen (sometimes we use maruchan)for dinner and you know what it taste like you ate a different kind of noodles when you add spices. We added a spoonful of garlic chili paste and few drops of sesame oil and BOOM!

I was like this


so don’t be afraid to add your own flavor you’ll love it



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