Better-Be Donuts Review

Maple Glazed Twist Donut


This is my very first food review and hopefully this goes well. To be honest, I wasn’t thinking about doing a food review that time. I was all eating until I realized I almost finished it all, hence, the last minute photo provided by my sister. I only tried Better- Be Donuts twice. The first time was when we bought half a donut holes which are delicious.

This maple glazed donut in the picture above is also awesome. Its dough reminds me of Krispy  Kreme’s (which I love also) but with a more home-y feel. It has more “hand” made feel to it which might be because of the shop’s ambiance and the flavor. The maple glaze complements the dough almost like its pancakes.  I don’t know why but whenever I  taste maple the first thing I think is breakfast and pancakes. Its sweet but doesn’t taste like you’re eating like bottle of bacon. It gives sudden hints as you eat it. So if you like sweet, glazed and pancakes you’ll like this one.

Anyways, just in case you don’t know, Better- Be Donuts is a small donut (duh)/coffee shop located in Moreno Valley, CA. Its very low key but you really would love the smell (coffee) but if you don’t like the smell of coffee  that’s fine because you can also see feast for the eyes varieties of donuts from glazed to those sinfully sweet chocolate donuts which I would LOVE to try. They also have bagel sandwiches. Their prices aren’t bad in fact its a quality. So verdict, I’ll so come back again to try some more but for budget wise its great to eat and try some once in a while just for special times.

I hope you like my review 🙂


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