When you realized piping isn’t as easy as it was shown on cooking videos

Yes i know it looks something else… this was my first attempt to make choux cream dough. The dough making is just easy. You just need boiled water, butter,flour and eggs but any way this isn’t about the recipe its about the experience.

Oh just in case you’re wondering why I decided to make this pastry… and no its not cream puffs or even eclair… IT’S CHURROS! yes its odd. I decided to make a churros  recipe from a Youtube channel Bigger Bolder Baking. I actually love watching her videos and like i wrote on the title its not as easy when you do it yourself. Sure, it would have easier if i had a piping syringe but we don’t have that at home and the piping bag set was a christmas gift from my  sister Lian so yeah I’m gonna use it.

Back to the experience now. At first we ( my sister Abby and I) even have trouble how to get the bag ready. We didn’t even know we had to cut the bag’s tip. Putting all the dough is actually messy but really fun. Our first try of piping… the dough won’t even come out and keeps coming upwards.. it was a hectic time but we managed mostly my sister.. she was better at piping than me.

So we baked it like as the instructions did. I thought nothing can go wrong with the churros recipe but unfortunately I was wrong. The cinnamon sugar mixture won’t stick to the baked “churros”. In the video, it was sticking like nothing we tried to dip it long but no work so I made the decision to actually made a sauce instead. I heated cinnamon sugar mix in to a pan and added half a stick of butter and dipped it into the “churros” and IT WAS AMAZING! Butter does make everything taste better mmm!

dizzled with cinnamon sugar butter




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