Food Review: Tom’s #1 World Famous Chili Burgers(Moreno Valley)

Ok so the first time I saw this fast food diner I didn’t really think of it much but I’ve been noticing that there are alot of cars going through drive thrus  over  there so I got really curious and that was even two years ago..still going strong now. So we decided to try now and finally get why people liked it there. Here’s our orders:

Verdict: For an Asian family this is actually enough for 4 hungry people. My mom, sis and dad ordered the burgers and I ordered the chilidog. We shared the fries. Oh we actually went the second time with me ordering a cheese burger and my mom and sis ordered the chilidogs and of course the fries. I was too hungry that I didn’t bother to take a picture of the cheese burger. These might look cheap but I actually like these. Its the classic taste of burger and you know everything it real. The burgers might might make your hands messy due to some veggies falling off or the yummy beef juice coming out. This is not for calorie conscious people. It kinda reminds me of In-n -Out burger but with more real food in it. My sister and I also likes the chilidog. Its not mind blowing but its good and pretty light and cheap though I would like it to be bigger size (I finished mine in less than 5 mins). As for the fries I think its one of the fast food fries I’ve eaten coz its so fresh and really didn’t need to put alot of ketchup. It was nice crispy and soft on the inside. So obviously I will visit again someday. I’ve never tried the other items on the menu but so far so good for a small town fast food chain.


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