My Mother’s Day Gift :Keylime Pie

Happy mommy’s  DAY!  This is a special day to mom’s alike. This is a day for all my to remind them how special they are to their  children. My mom will be forever special to me.  I don’t have the budget to buy her pretty clothes or fancy jewelry so I just made something she could eat and I’m kinda good at.

We have a couple of pre-made graham crusts at home. We haven’t tried before honestly so I just thought to use one. I’ve searched pies or desserts that used graham crusts. Most are cheesecake which I find too predictable  and too rich and sweet for my mom. She likes sweet and cheesecake but I think its too heavy and complicated for me so I searched more and saw key lime pie as the easiest one. I’ve never had keylime pie before so I don’t know what its classic taste but better to try at least make one. I’ve started to watched recipes on youtube from allrecipes to  other youtubers such as Laura Vitale’s (shes my fave female chef youtuber). I did the most easiest one (CooknShare). I got all the ingredients except I twicked the amount of limes mostly because limes are expensive this time but it worked well for me. I still sucked at piping so one of my sisters did most of the piping.  What I’ve learned in making pies is that if you’re using  pre-made graham crust  is that just heat it like 2-5 minutes instead of like normal 10-15 minutes, you can use  your own way of making  crust of course. I  heated it for like 10 minutes so its kinda over cooked crust. My sister and my mom said the filling I made was very good that its like its almost similar to  bought pies they say which is great.

So since I didn’t make my own crust I’ll just give the filling recipe:

1 can (16oz) of condesed milk

2 oz of freshly squeezed keylime juice (if you want more tang go ahead and add more)

2 medium sized fresh eggs

Make sure to mix well until blended  then fill the mixture to the cooled pie crust and baked it to a preheated 350 F oven  for about 20-25 minutes or until the filling is st and no longer liquidy.


Let it cool and chill it overnight. Add cool whip on top or just serve and eat as is. ENJOY!



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