Food Review : Pho Ha Vietnamese Restaurant

Located in Moreno Valley

The most simple and traditional is really best when it comes to Asian cuisine. I’ve always wanted to  make a review of this place ever since I’ve blogged but I wasn’t able to because either I’m too hungry and lazy to take pictures or too hungry that I forgot and only remembered I had to take pics when we’re almost finished with the meal. So if you’re planning to take pictures on Instagram or Facebook for this one make sure you  take a picture immediately before you eat. You can see on the pictures that I rushed taking it because I’m so hungry.

this is great with lime and chili garlic oil

I love this restaurant especially during cold months. The portions are actually big and very filling. When it comes to noodle soup, they have medium or large sizes. We always get the large one which is actually good for 2 people. For  really hungry people, its good for one but  for a bowl of delicious soup one is enough for us we even  got some leftovers which we ate for breakfast. You may wonder why I like this not so fancy looking soup so let me explain. The broth is tasty but not very rich. Its actually very light which is very gentle on the palate and won’t get tired of the taste. Its not fatty even though its beef and since its light flavour you can add other seasoning without the other flavours fighting together.

Yummy Vietnamese Eggrolls with Special Fish Sauce Dipping Sauce

These egg rolls are the best egg rolls I’ve ever tasted. It’s a must have with noodles. It just enhances the experience. When you wrap it with lettuce and dip it with in the sauce, just warning ,it will be messy and will make your hand smell like fish sauce but it’s worth it when you have a crisp tasty food in your mouth. I just love these and best thing is that we spend less than $20 for all these. A good deal for hungry people. Though I haven’t tried other meals on there menu I’ll never get tired of the taste.


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